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Everything for successful catering
Our product range covers combi steam ovens, refrigerators, pizza- and barbecue equipment, dishwashers, stainless steel furniture as well as general cooking and kitchen appliances.

Examples from our appliances

The consumer pays particular attention to a varied diet. And to the fact, that vitamins and minerals are preserved during the preparation of food and dishes.
In order to help you meet these requirements of a successful catering business, Alimex has specialized in practical interior and furnishings with efficiently working, high-quality equipment and machines of brand manufacturers. Low cost alternatives are available upon request.
Hygiene is our top priority
Since cleanliness and hygiene play an important role in a kitchen environment, we offer commercial dishwashers and cleaning systems of all sizes and for all applications. Our dishwashing units are characterized by best hygiene, eco friendliness, ergonomic design and efficiency.

Food service- and commercial kitchen leasing
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